Band-filter module

Options availableSystem designed for use with clay based reactants
Capacity 100 to 1000 gals. Per batch
Maximum throughput 2200 gallons per hour
Variable speed bandfilter drive

Ph and orp controllers
Portable unit-skid or trailer mounted as shown
Fully automatic sequential batch control
Powder feeder with ground level hopper and pneumatic transfer
Treated water discharge pump and control
Polishing filter for treated water discharge
System feed pump and treatment tank high level control
Alternative capacities and systems

Batch treatment systems

Capacities to 2,000 gals. Skid mounted.
Neutralization, metal precipitation, flocculation and oil removal.
Ph & orp control.
Treatment for chromic acid and cyanide available.
Two or four cubic foot filter press.
Skid mounted for ease of installation.
5 micron final filtration.


Continuous flow treatment system

20 gpm chromic acid reduction
10 to 200 gal/min. Capacities
Adequate retention time
Treatment for chrome & cyanide
Sodium borohydride or d.t.c. Precipitation
Total fail safe design to prevent untreated discharge


Dissolved Air Flotation

Systems from 10 to 400 gpm.
Systems are prepiped and prewired, disassembled for shipment and can be installed on site in less than one day
Full flow pressurization and recycle flow pressurization units available depending on application. Mode can be changed over by operating two valves.
Surface float skimmer has 31655 blades with pvc wipers, variable speed gearmotor drive, emergency shut-down.
System can be supplied with wastewater pre-conditioning, clean water post-treatment and sludge de-watering components to provide total system approach.
Conservative design criteria provide for adequate treatment in all cases.
Pilot systems are available for on-site treatability studies.

Fully Automatic Continuous Flow Systems

10 to 500 gal/min. Capacity
Treatments for chrome & cyanide
Total fail safe design to prevent untreated discharge
Ph-orp-tds and controls
Removes metals-oils-organics-inorganics and suspended solids


Treatment Modules

Various capacities
Continuous or batch treatment
Ph-orp -tds with controls
Electric or air mixer
Removes metals – oil – organic – inorganic and suspended solids